OPUS in the Media

The Apprentice (BBC)

June 2013

Opus, You're Hired!

During the 2013 series (Series 9) of BBC'S The Apprentice Lord Sugar set the teams a task entitled 'Caravans'. The two teams were sent off to the Birmingham Motorhome and Caravan Show where they had to pick 3 items to sell, including one big-ticket item. Team Evolve, with project manager Neil Clough at the helm decided to choose the Opus Camper as their big-ticket item; and what a decision it turned out to be!

The well-priced, practical and stylish Opus Camper proved to be a great choice for Team Evolve. Their opponents, Team Endeavour opted for a retro style camper van, aimed at a target market of 35 – 45. This proved to be their downfall as the average age of those in attendance at the show was closer to 50. When Neil Clough spoke to our very own Jonathan Schofield, the Opus man explained how the Opus Camper was designed for a much larger target market, spanning 35 – 55 years old, but in actual fact it has turned out that the 65+ market have also shown a great deal of interest in the Opus Trailer Tent throughout the course of the exhibition.

Team Evolve Project Manager Neil didn't take much persuading to elect the Opus Camper as their star product. As the task progressed Neil and the extremely lovable and ever popular Jason Leech struck up a fantastic partnership to sell the Opus Folding Camper. Jason made the first large sale of the day, using his charm win over his potential customers; he went down especially well with the ladies. Neil Clough then proceeded to sell two further Opus Campers before the day was up. With help from the Opus Folding Camper Team Evolve felt confident as the boardroom loomed.

In true Apprentice style Lord Sugar arrived in the boardroom as the teams sat patiently waiting to hear the results. Team Endeavour failed to sell a single retro camper in the time permitted, and managed to muster up only £1479 of accessory sales. Selling just one Opus Folding Camper would have been enough ensure the Evolve/Opus Partner ship emerged victorious, so the sale of 3 really added insult to injury, totaling £30,499. When added to the teams £3116 worth of accessory sales the final numbers really did speak volumes about the teams performances and decisions with sales from Team Endeavour falling short of 5% of the figure reached by the Team Evolve/Opus Camper partnership.

We must also take this opportunity to congratulate Jason Leech on his performance, which was duly noted by Lord Sugar, who called the 29 Year Old Historian and Property Entrepreneur back in to the board room to single him out for praise on the task, and in particular his involvement with the sale of the Opus Folding Camper.